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YOT Work

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Join the Yacht Club

Namouna (American Steam Yacht, 1882) Public Domain


    YOT Work   

Your Own Time Work

-- Not homework, but out of class work --

So this is:[1]

McElman_080417_6517_Y O - recycling O for mobilkompOsten U R34

Copper Square Letter O W McElman_071126_2025

McElman_071026_2448_T i- M::Münster e

Pewter Uppercase Letter W IMG_4823 R K - brass




 YOT Goal:  Present your team ideas effectively and persuasively with words and images. 


The Game:




The Goal:


Collaboratively complete nine tasks with a team "effectively and persuasively with words and images" in a way that best presents your ideas in a form that follows general writing/speaking/visual rules of responsible and respectful style and grammar by March 20th. YOT Progress.


The Prize:


Each team chooses a goal:

Ayes: Clever, creative, effective, persuasive (engaging), styled

Bees: Creative, effective, interesting, styled

Seas: Effective, styled


Rubric: This is a copy; you will be directed to your own.  http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=phjMpIkPupK-G9tcynJRBaQ


If each team meets their goal, each class will earn: "Your Class Period."



The Nine:


1. Task: Who -- Team, Name, Goal, Page

2. Task: Mentor -- Email Eighth Grade Mentor 

3. Task: Character Picture

4. Task: Motto




The Directions



1. Task: Who?--Team, Name, Goal, Page

Form a team of two, three, or four people (Grades 6 or 8).  Name your team. Create a new wiki page entitled: "W_ YOT TeamName CodeInitials"

So if  Laira, Aria, and Marc are team members who name their team "Fantastic 3," their page name would be "W68 YOT Fan3 lam"

Title your page using font and background color. Write a goal for your team. Your goal can be about this game or about working as a team.


For instance:

Do you think you can complete all nine tasks?  Then your goal is to complete all nine tasks.

Do you think you can plan to meet and share ideas often? Then your goal is to meet everyday at 8:00 in the library ???????

Do you think you can each do part of the tasks? Then your goal is that you will assign parts of each task so everyone has a part.


You may change your goal as you continue with the game(s).


2. Task: Mentor and Mentee


Email Eighth Grade Mentor


A mentor is someone who offers help when you're stuck or don't understand.  They don't tell you what to do, but ask you questions so you can help yourself.  Sometimes they help with things you can't do.  The person helping is the mentor.  The person (or group) being helped is/are the mentee(s).


I have a mentor, the fourth grade teacher.  You know who she is.  She's been working with me since 1985!  So, find a mentor in grade 8 (I'm their mentor).  Ask your mentor for help with this task (because they are old enough-- life's not always fair).


Find an eighth grade student to add your information to the Whiteboard at:

http://writeboard.com/731a013b66467b3a6   They will know the password.


You will need to send the eighth grader an email with your eagle account that

a) asks them to help you

b) tells your team name

c) tells your team goal

d) tells your team page (URL)

e) asks a question


If you are an eighth grade mentor: Ask me for the password, and add your mentees information onto the whiteboard.



3. Task: Character Picture


Team Picture (URL) In Team Page


Your team has a character, a personality, with positive ideas.  Think and discuss about your positive attributes to find a picture to reperesent your team.

You should choose a picture that represents the "character" in your team.


Remember the Martin Luther King "I Have A Dream" speech in which he said, "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."


Insert your team's character picture on your team page.

Find the picture at: WikiMedia Commons

Directions to embed your picture:  How To Add / Embed Your Picture


Beside your picture, write about your team's character related to that picture.


4. Task: Motto


Almost every team has a motto -- something to spur them on and speed them to success. Nike's motto is: "Just Do It!"  Work together and decide on your team's motto.  Then use Flikr Spell to create the motto on your team page.  You may need to type it in word by word so you can arrange it.  (See title at the top of this page for an example). While at Flikr Spell you can click on any letter to find the ONE you want for that word.  Have fun!  Be clever and positive!




5. Pic Lit

Love poetry? Here's your chance for focusing ideas and imprinting images by adding text to pictures using an easy online program called PicLit.


Here's an example:


PicLit from PicLits.com
See the full PicLit at PicLits.com




Here's the directions.  Here's the site.


As a team, choose an image that shows a common interest.  Together, add the poetic text to draw out your interst from the image.  Will your readers undertand the connections: your team, your image, your poem (text). 


Embed your PicLit on your team page.


6-9 TBD

EALR 1:  The student uses listening and observation skills and strategies to focus attention and interpret information. 

EALR 2:  The student uses communication skills and strategies to interact/work effectively with others.

EALR 3: The student uses communication skills and strategies to effectively present ideas and one’s self in a variety of situations.

EALR 4:  The student analyzes and evaluates the effectiveness of communication.




  1. Spell with Fikr: http://metaatem.net/words/

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