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World Wishes

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Changers We Want


What change would you like to see in the world?  Would you like a world that is

  • more kind?
  • more accepting?
  • more giving?
  • more sharing?
  • more just?
  • _________[fill in]______
  • _________[fill in]______
  • _________[fill in]______

What would we see in the world if the world were more __________________ ?



Reflection and Discussion:


If the world were more: We would see:
protective of the world  
mature people helping each other; no fights over silly things so the world could be more courteous
protect wildlife see their beauty forever, like cheetahs
clean less pollution
fair people treated with equity
accepting of different races friends and people coming together; people sharing;
kind kind to teachers so they wouldn't be mean and strict
positive in attitude

students not interrupting teachers while they were teaching so students could learn

sharing people happy in their lives; recycling
kind, sharing, and giving

people listening to the teacher instead of interrupting the teacher when he or she is talking

kind everyone having a friend
helpful more
energetic that no one is afraid to be active and outgoing around other people
peaceful kindness all over the world without wars between other countries
understanding people not destroying the world for our selfish reasons; we weouldn't have big problems that man is causing, like global warming
peaceful less people being killed on the streets
clean less garbage on the ground; our environment would be clean; we would not have to worry about global warming
nice and kind people being nice -- "May I help you?" and not rude -- "Excuse me" "I understand what you say, but I disagree.  I think...
accepting fewer martyrs running away from their land to kill and steal from another land

would see cars flying over water

peaceful that people wouldn't have any thing against any one
better everyone sharingand accepting people
concerned with the environment cas running on water and no global warming
environmentally friendly less pollution and healthier people
peaceful a quieter world
peaceful no wars, no fights, and more friends
peaceful more joy
clean heaven
respectful people not getting in trouble a lot

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