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World Changers

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Changers We Know


Who do you know or have you heard about who has "been a change" s/he wished to see in the world? What did they do? What was the change?  Examples:



Who: Muhammad Yunus

What: "Micro-credit, which grants small loans to poor people who have no collateral and who do not qualify for conventional bank loans"

Why: "Enabled millions of Bangladeshis, almost all women, to buy everything from cows to cell phones in order to start and run their own businesses" -- now millions of people around the world are finding the way out of poverty


Who: Tech Change Flat Classroom Conference Presentation

Streaming .TV shows by Ustream


United States:

Who: Michael Jordan

What: Grants to teachers for innovation and improvement


"The Jordan Fundamentals Grant Program was born out of my firm belief that education is the key to opportunity and to building commitment among students to the core values which foster personal excellence and achievement. The core values which serve to guide the Jordan Brand are known as Brand Truth’s: Authentic, Uncompromised, Earned and Aspirational."



Who: Val Vargas-Thomas and others

What: Mill Pond Days

Why: To gather people into a renewed spirit of community; this will be the fourth year.




Who do you think is a "world changer" who *is* the change they want to see in the world? 


Interview your family, friends, and teachers. Ask them:

  1. Who do you think is a "world changer?"
  2. Where do/did they live?
  3. What did they do to change the world?
  4. Why did they do this?


Nominate your individual or group here by editing this page. Your nominations can be living or historical people.


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Edit Lock

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2009 Nominations of World Changers


Code: elbe

Where: USA

Who: Martin Luther King, Jr

What: Started Integration

Why: So people wouldn't discriminate by their color or their race


Code: lenaria

Where: USA

Who: Rosa Parks

What: Stayed in her seat because it was fair

Why: To make it so blacks and whites would be treated equally


Code: rellder

Where: World

Who: Al Gore

What: Explains about global warming to all people and governments

Why: To save the earth

Code: 6W

Where: USA

Who: George Washington

What: Led the army to fight the British so the Americans would have fair treatment and not pay more taxes to the King

Why: so the Americans would have fair treatment and not pay more taxes to the King



2010 Nominations of World Changers

Copy the template below for the next person and add your information to this one:








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