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What's Happening in the World

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What's happening?

Did you turn on the lights last night?  Get a drink of water from a faucet? Buy a burger at McD's? Zip up to the mall? Scream over a cliff on a dirtbike? Swim in the ocean?


Every area of the world its own benefits and inconveniences. For instance, although I can't zip over to the mall in thick traffic for a new outfit because of where I live, I can drop my fishing boat into the lake to enjoy a peaceful evening gently rocking on the waves while catching my supper!






Comment / Connection



can drive over

traffic, lots of crowds

It's nice to have a mall, but I don't like the crowds.


Lake  is close

can fish every day; nature

no clothing stores or choices in movie theaters

I'd rather have the peace and quiet of nature with the ability to catch my dinner, than the hectic smog and traffic of city.



Assignment 1


1. Read these steps.


2. Then, create your own page. 

Click "Create page." (upper right of page)

Choose the template for "Whats Happening in the World."

Put it in your grade folder.

Name it your code name + happening (or your team name + happening).

Click "create page."

At the bottom of your "edit" page, add your code name in the "Tags" area.


My page would be called Shee Happening.  My team page would be T0 Happening.


3. Think of the what you can do and what you can't do living in our area.  Make a list of their benefits and inconveniences.


Can do

Can't do


















































4. Spend a few minutes looking at these pages to choose one you would like to read first:






"Worldchanging is a solutions-based online magazine that works from a simple premise: that the tools, models and ideas for building a better future lie all around us."



"about the collision of people, society and technology, drawing on issues related to the design research that I conduct on behalf of my employer - Nokia."



"tech is our obsession"


Global Voices Online

"The world is talking. Are you listening?"


The Nata Village Blog "This website is dedicated to the people of Nata who despite enormous losses and challenges still have the courage and determination to fight the ravages of this pandemic."  



5. Think about your responses to the first section. Find out about the benefits and inconveniences to people in other areas of the world in light of how you view your area.  How do the people adapt to their inconveniences?  How do they use their benefits?






Comment / Connection















































6.  Of all the people and places, benefits and problems, that you have discovered, which is most interesting to you and why? If you lived there, how would your life be different than it is now?


7.  If you could talk to the people of the area you chose in number three, what would you ask them, and why?


8. In one sentence, what did you learn from this activity?


  • Did you create a new page (name/team + happening) and put it in your grade's folder?
  • Did you respond to all questions thoughtfully, specifically, and thoroughly?
  • Did you make thoughtful, detailed connections?
  • Did you ask a thoughtful question a person in that area would feel respected enough to answer?



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