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W8 Photo Shee

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Photography 101 Blog



Photography 101


Use this page as a template to draft your reflections.  Use diigo to highlight and extract the assignment.  Paste onto this page.  I have completed the first Diigo highlight/extraction for you, adding the Assignment 1 with a Header 1 format. 


Name your page W8 photo code


Then you can copy and paste your final draft into the comment on the Photography 101 Blog.



Assignment 1


Photography 101
  • For the photo you LIKE:

    1. Provide the title of the picture in the comment field, then answer the following questions.
    2. What about the photo do you like and why? Is it the subject, colour, light, etc.?
    3. What could you use it for? Would it make a great screen saver, wall hanging, Facebook profile picture, etc.?

- For the photo you DISLIKE:

  1. Provide the title of the picture in the comment field, then answer the following questions.
  2. What about the photo do you dislike and why? ie: I don't like the colour orange because a very noisy neighbor, whom I didn't like, always wore an orange sweater. This photo reminds me of him/her.
  3. What would you change about the photo to make it better and why? ie: Instead of a blank landscape I would have liked to see a person because I feel a better connection to photos with people in them.

Okay, have fun with this. Don't be nice, feel free to give any reason why you don't like one of my photos, BUT make sure you provide a WHY-statement. You need to make sure to support your statement, without support, your writing becomes less effective.


Your response below: 

The photo I like is Giant's Causeway, Ireland.  It immediately popped out to me, reminding me of the basalt columns along the roadway between Coulee Dam and Spokane.  Then I looked at the title to see it is something I had read about, something from way back in my Irish heritage -- the giant's causeway. It's hard to tell whether the columns are rising or laying, but I see myself as a tiny person looking up at the ledge of a giant's castle and its parapet walkway.  It makes me feel small because all I see are the lines of the columns -- straight and long, almost never-ending-- because they fill the whole frame. I think I would have found a way to give it a frame for how the columns lay or rise-- but really, the way it is allows for so much interpretation which is what makes it art rather than a photo.  Thanks for choosing this one. I'd definitely use this as wallpaper on my computer -- I love rocks and lines; even though the color is grey, it gives me a place to line up my files! I might also print it out for an outdoor garden frame.  I'm still working on that idea (picture frames outside!)




The photo I don't like is Stage Lights 1.  First, I'm not much for "far away people on things," unless it's landscape, nature, or structure.  The stage just doesn't cut it, even though the focus is on the lights.  Since the title is Stage Lights, I'd cut out the people and just include the lights; it becomes a digital art piece then, something like this:

  It would be nice if the frame moved from dark to light to color to dark again, although this does create movement from darkness to brilliant energy, giving the viewer a feeling of hope. Now I like it. I'm feel space and mind, energy and purpose.  Thanks for letting me work with these ideas and how framing the picture makes the difference to the viewer.




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