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w8 Eracism Project

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The pilot program of the Eracism Debate project http://www.eracismproject.org

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by Laural


My class became involved in this project by my teacher Sheri Edwards. She signed us up from Twitter on the eracism project and also she got asked to sign up. The people we debated were Bawlf, Alberta from Canada and Doha, Qatar but they forfeited.  We also debated the International School of Beijing China. The students that did our debating were Tom and Jessica; they just volunteered to do because it was thier first time and it was something new.


The experience was hard trying to get everything set up in the right order. But I enjoyed doing it because it was a class effort and it was a great experience. So now I will know what to do in the future debates. I like doing debates because they are: fun, exciting, and very interesting. I wouldn't want to change anything because it all was a fun experience. The thing that was the most fun was getting all our evidence ready to argue with the other debaters. The way we got our research was getting on the internet, we looked in books, we went to all different kinds of web pages. We even gave some of our ideas and experiences.


The way we put  our research together was our teacher Sheri Edwards put the internet on the Smart Board, and we all gave ideas. We said some of our own experiences, and that is how we got our research and put it together.


I Believe that Differences makes us Stronger because if we had the same skills we would be one person. They make us stronger because we all have our own way and nothing can change us. From this debate it made me look at people now, not by what they look like, but for who they are. We should always look at people for who they are and not what they look like. Like my mama always said, "Don't Judge a Book By It's Cover" that is what my mom and grandma always tell me when I talk down on somebody I don't know. But this debate has changed me, This debate really made me double think on that saying.


I will show everybody with Respect but if they treat me wrong we well become enemies but other than that I will try and give everybody respect. I won't call them names but we probably won't be friends. My Dad told me this a few times in my life " You Got To Show Respect to Get Respect" so I kinda go by that a lot now. So I'll tell you now, "Show respect to me and I'll show respect to you." And that is the way it is because that is how I was taught.


Sincerely :



8th Grade

December 11, 2009

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