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W8 Career Navigation

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"If you aim at nothing, you will hit nothing."

~ Author Unknown


Current Project: 9. Occupational Research -- click below.






What grade do you plan on attending next year?

What year do you plan on graduating?

Are you planning on college?  the military? a trade school? technical training?




Introduction--Lesson One

Now is the time to plan.


What have I accomplished at school during middle school?

What do I want to do in the future?

Who am I?

What do you want for:

  • your career goals and dreams for the future?
  • the career pathways during high school to achieve your dreams?
  • the courses during high school to achieve your dreams?
  • your plans to get involved in activities during high school?



Washington State, Grand Coulee Dam Middle School, and the Nespelem School Distrit all want you to succeed at your dreams.  The leaders in those places, and your classroom teacher, all know you can achieve your dreams with a plan.  That plan includes steps to win and steps to overcome obstacles.  It sets goals and actions.  How?  What is expected?  Watch this introduction to what is expected this year and throughout your high school years.





Navigation to Career
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Building Community--Lesson 2



  • Activities you belong to
  • Why it's important to participate at school
  • What's good about our school


  • What would you tell sixth graders about their 7-8th grade years so they will be successful?

Create a BROSTER that explains your list.  Include your gist statement.

WR 8 Navigation 

Academic Improvement -- Lesson 3

What have you learned about your performance?

  • report card grades
  • MSP scores
  • other subject tests or projects

What could help you to improve the rest of your grades this year?  Set a goal. Write steps to meet it.



SMART = Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Rewarding, Time-oriented


Exploring Careers -- Lesson 4


 [See Lesson 8 below]


Complete Lesson 2, Service reflection with Grade 6.


What do you want to do after high school?

What are your goals for ten years from now?

What are your interests?  How could they be a career?


What pathway would you select?


  • Arts, Media, Communication, Design = express yourself creatively; perform
  • Business, Management, Finance = organize; persuade
  • Engineering, Science, Technology = work on teams; solve problems
  • Education, Social & Health Services = help others
  • Agriculture, Science, Natural Resources = work outdoors; solve problems


Do you want to:


  • Learn what kinds of jobs or careers are in the pathway you selected?
  • Find out how much education you need?
  • Learn what you should do to prepare for high school and beyond?



I'd like the Career Pathway ______________ because:


I  would like to learn more about:




First Explore:  Use your initial ideas to learn a little about some careers-- discover some you may not have thought about here.


Planning Ahead: Assignment: (see Lesson 8 below)   Career Choices 

Setting Goals: Lesson 5


What will you / have you achieved this year in leadership? in academics? in career exploration?


Combine into set of overall goals.


Building Community, Part 2, Lesson 6


Service activity: What service could you do for your school or community?




How did it go?


Were people involved affected?


Do you feel you provided a service?


Service Worksheet (Similar to forms used in high school)


Preparation and Action:  How did you prepare for each activity? Why did you think you could be helpful?


a. Grade 6 Internet Lessons for Grade 5




b. _________




Reflection: What did you do? What did you learn? What will you do next time?


a. Grade 6 Internet Lessons for Grade 5




b. ___________



Improving Academically - Lesson 7



How are you doing? How can you do better at school?


Document on the inventory form how you are doing currently.


Describe your assets and liabilities:


Where are you doing well?


In which classes did you do best?


Were you surprised at how well you did?


Why do you think you did so well?


Where do you need to improve?


In which classes do you need to improve?


Were you surprised that you didn't do as well as you expected?


How can you improve?


What is your plan to do better academically?






Graduation Requirements  Steps to Graduation

Exploring Careers - Lesson 8



What are your interests? What should you do?


Links to career surveys:

Career Quiz

Career Perfect -- What type of work would you prefer based on your work style?

Interest Survey for Careers



Career Exploration:


Basic Student Site 

Skills Profile


Occupation Outlook Handbook for Students

What career focus and job would you choose? Look for:


  • Significant Points
  • Nature of the Work
    • Work environment
  • Training, other Qualifications, and Advancement
    • Education and training
    • Licensure (or "Licensure and certification" if a certification is required)
    • Other qualifications (or "Certification and other qualifications" if entry-level certifications exist)
    • Advancement (or "Certification and advancement" if voluntary certifications exist)
  • Employment
  • Job Outlook
    • Employment change
    • Job Prospects
  • Earnings
  • Related Occupations
  • Sources of Additional Information

A-Z List of Careers

Career Voyages

Youth Rules -- laws about occupations

Career Info - career resources

Occupational Outlook Handbook Site



Career Links 

Career Choices   -- your template for research



Occupation Outlook Handbook for Students

A-Z List of Careers



Occupational Research:


Occupational Handbook


Research three occupations from your career pathways using the Occupational Handbook.  Create your own page using the "Career Choices" template. Name the page "Career Choices Code" with your code name and place in your class folder.


Your final page should include the following (complete in reverse order, starting with number five and working backwards. But order the assignments from top to bottom on your page, so the final work (Step 1 in the Final Directions) is at the top:


Final Directions:


What should be on your final page in order from top to bottom -- you did these in reverse order, starting with number five (5):


1. Final Essay: A Day in the Life (at top of page)

(Directions: A Day in My LifeWrite a story or diary/journal entry (A Day in My Life) about your day at work, from breakfast to bedtime. What kind of education did you need? What would you do? With whom would you work? In what setting? What tools/equipment would you use? What projects would you work on? What salary would you hope to make now and in the future at this job? How do you increase your pay? Use the sample story provided to you as an example. (Handout and models provided.)

2. Picture of your Artwork (based on your sketch) (below your essay)

3. Summary Essay from notes and interview (below your artwork)

(Directions: Summarize in essay: Use your notes to write an essay explaining the job. Who do you know in that kind of job? What is a day like in that line of work? What do people in this career think about while they do their job? What skills are necessary? What is needed for occupation preparation? What are the responsibilities, challenges, and rewards in that profession?)

4. Summary Notes of each bulleted section below on one occupation (below your summary essay)

(Directions: Review, by writing notes, what you learned about one occupation from the Occupational Handbook in your own words:)

  • Occupation: _____________________________
  • Future Outlook (Job Outlook; Employment) 
  • Basic job description (include work hours and if self-employed, employee, contract, etc.; Significant Points; Nature of the Work; Working Conditions)
  • Tools/Equipment:
  • Income Range (Earnings)
  • Education/training (Training, Other Qualifications, and Advancement)
  • Skills needed (Nature of the Work; Working Conditions)

5. Research three occupations using the outlines below; you may copy/paste the facts from the handbook into the appropriate areas. Highlight the important facts you need for your essay. Rewrite the facts in your own words using the bullet items (see step 4). (Below your summary notes, the bottom-most section on your page)


Career Choices Shee Sample (Sample, partially completed page)


Occupation Links:





Firefighter 1

Firefighter  2

Engineers 1

Electrical Engineer 2




Physical Therapist


Heavy Equipment Mechanic

Small Engine Mechanic

Automotive Mechanic 1

Automotive Mechanic 2


Athletes, Coaches, Etc.    Sports Choices

News Analysts, Reporters



Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Occupations (Major Group)

OCO Category List


Exploring Careers - Lesson 9



What are your interests? What should you do?


Worksheet to assess interests and careers, choose pathway, and plan courses.













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