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w8 2009 west

Page history last edited by Ms. Edwards 12 years, 7 months ago

Title: 2009 West




I like

  • making bone crushing hits in football
  • launching off a jump on my dirt bike
  • lifting weights
  • listening to my ipod
  • playin basket ball with friends
  • wrestling
  • hanging wih friends
  • going swimming and jumping off big ledges
  • throwing the shot and discuss
  • txting people



I am

  • I am quiet
  • I am strong
  • I am athletic
  • I am nice
  • I am funny
  • I am mean sometimes
  • I am respective
  • I am cool
  • I am friendly


EAGLE Traits

I show the Eagle trait effort by being one of the best foot ball players.

I show Loyalty by going to every foot ball practice, and doing my job the coach tells me.


Animals I am like include

Cougar because I'm fierce

Black Panther because I'm fast

Leopard because I'm powerful



In the future

In the future I would want to try to be on the best College Foot Ball team ever, the Florida Gators.



















I like wrestling,

the way I make my opponents slam on the ground and make them shed in tears,

I like the way the reff slaps his hand on the mat and says PIN!

I like foot ball, when people cheer you on,

I like it when their coaches say WATCH THAT GUY!




The football field in my symbol means how far I ran the ball. It shows how strong and athletic you have to be to run that far because I'm fast like a black panther. The goal post stands for how many touch downs I made. The cleat stands for how many bone crushing hits I did because I'm fierce like a cougar. The football stands for how many times I made my opponents fumble the ball because I'm powerful like a leopard. I show Loyalty by going to every football practice, and doing my job the coach tells me. I created this symbol; it represents me.


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