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w7cardle thankful

Page history last edited by cardle 12 years, 9 months ago

topic sentence:blue

three ideas:yellow

first idea; red

first idea details:red

second idea:green

second idea details:green

third idea:purple

third idea details:orange

concluding sentence:pink



I am thankful for my mom.my mom takes care of me,feeds me food,and helps me with problems i have.      

Every time my mom takes care of me by helping me with reading and buying me clothes.

My mom helps me with the big words in the book and the vocab for the test.My mom feeds me by making breakfast, lunch, and dinner for me every summer and winter.my favorite meal is breakfast burritos,they have eggs and potatoes,and sagage.The cool thing is my mom helps me with my problems like grades and what i do at school,like attitude.My mom helped me with getting all my work in for good grades in every class.I am so delighted i have my mom who helps me with reading,feeds me ,and buys me clothes,and my problems with school and me.


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