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Every year my cousin Levi comes to my house. We could go snow boarding when the snow is really deep. I walked outside, and it was snowing hard so I trudged inside and told my cousin Levi and my brother Ryan.


But they left the door wide open, and my cat's could have  ran out the door.


I went to wake  up,Levi and that snow board was supposed to be his Christmas present, but he found it anyway. It was a snowboard, and we went snow boarding.


I went 1st and Levi and Ryan threw snow at me. They could throw snow at me all they wanted to, but I still made it all the  way down the hill.  When Levi tryed it, he fell once he had gotten to the bottom of the hill.



so any way my cousin always comes to my house after we come back from the long house  

after he helps his mom if he doesn't he would'nt be able to go there.


I  help my Grandmother wrap the presents so we could go to the Long House across the road after school I get to ride my bike across the road and help other people put up the Christmas Tree and decorate the place before the big dinner such  as pumpkin  pie,applepie,turkey,ham,juice,pop,candy,presents I like going to the Long House because then we cold do anything we want we couldsing songs 1 is Gingle Bells.

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