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W5 How To Diigo

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Places We Will Go in Memphis

How To Diigo


How to use the Diigo Toolbar



Link to PDS Mapskip Page.

After you have linked to and signed in to a Mapskip Page, follow these steps:


1. Log in / Sign in

Log in using your whatelse code and pass.



2. Toolbar

Notice the tool bar at the top if this picture.  Once you sign in to Diigo, you will be able

to highlight the IMPORTANT details.  Use the mouse to highlight your text, then click the

"Highlight" button on the toolbar.


    See the yellow highlight <----


Always highlight the title and author.


3.  Add sticky note


After you have text highlighted, if you hover the cursor over the highlighted text, a popup box appears.

You see that you can "Add sticky note."  Find a highlighted detail you like, hover over it, and click "Add sticky note."




4.  Add sticky note details


Make sure you choose "writing5", like you see in the image below. 

In your text, write your code name because only your team name will appear.

Type your ideas:

  • the detail you like (and why)
  • a connection to your life (or someone from your team)
  • a question you still have

Highlight and copy what you have typed. Click OK.  Your note area will appear pink. Go to the next step.




5.  Add comment


In this example you can see:

  • yellow highlighted text
  • pink sticky note text
  • my sticky note words
  • the comment


Notice in the comment:

  • I copied and pasted the text from my sticky note to the comment box.
  • I corrected spelling and punctuation.
  • I added another questions and connection.
  • I added my name (you use your code name)
  • I added a thank you.



6. Add the bookmark Diigo


Using your mouse, highlight the most important details.

Go to the very top menu bar that says, "Diigo."

Click it and choose "Bookmark this page."



7.  Bookmark Details


The words you just highlighted will appear in the Description box.

Add tags about the topic (pinkpalace),

For this project always add the tags: mapskip, memphis.

Check the box "Share to a Group" and choose "writing5."

Check the box to add annotations.

Add your code name to the box for the group.

Click "Share."



Have fun learning about Memphis?


8. Sharing bookmarks



Go to your diigo dashboard.  Choose your writing5 Diigo group.




Find your bookmarks and click expand.  All your highlights and annotations are there for you to copy and paste into your wiki page.

Use them to write your draft in your own words.  Then delete them, except for the source page to footnote.



9. Adding Notes to Wiki


MapSkip - Places Have Stories!
  • 2009: The Rocking Museum by 5dnick in
  • called the Pink Palace because of a brick that is the color pink?
  • dinosaur exhibit
    • I like learning about dinosaurs, so I would love this spot. Movies are great too. I wonder why only one brick is pink? - posted by Sheri Edwards
  • war exhibit
  • Imax Movie about the sea.


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