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w5 enmo place

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I would take my new friends to the sand dunes. The sand dunes are in an area in between "New HUDS" and "Old HUDs."  My teacher says "HUDS" means "Housing and Urban Development."  That's the agency that helped build the houses there. I would get to the top of the dunes before them because I am used to of climbing it because when my Grandpa goes to get sand for our road, I climb it all the time. Even with the snow falling and hitting my brother who falls, I just keep climbing.But once I get to the top it"s almost time to go.



I would also take them to my house. They might enjoy it there because my cats are always mean to me and nice to other people. They aren't mean to my dad. He doesn't even live with us. He has his own house, but he goes to our house almost every other weekend. My friends could meet my dad and see my cats.One of my cats has black paws and a dark face and her back is  like it"s a light brown. Her real name is Cougar, but we call her Meanies. The other cat is white with light brown spots. His eyes are black and he is a crybaby.So he sticks up to his name it"s cry baby.When we first got the cats they looked real small but now if you see them they are realy big and they are  only 10 months. They were 6 months when we first got them in Spokane, Washington.


Finaly I would take my new friends to the redwoods.There are some in California I went there for Thanks Giving my grandma,grandpa,brother,uncle,and cousin.That lives on the coast now and I don"t get to see anymore. I got to skip 7 days out of school. I would take them to the trees because there is a ride that takes you through the trees.The ride looks like two big benches that are on both sides of the ride. It has two big glass windows on it.    





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