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Strong Verbs

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Strong Verbs

  • 8w
  • 10/6
  • by Student 42


Note: Eliminate Dead Verbs.  Learn how here:  Dead Verbs


Verb : an action word that tells what something is doing



  • Examples:
    • run, walk, laugh, think, subtract, sit, dream, imagine


  • Verb Tests:
    • Is your word a verb? Test the base word in these sentences:
      • Let us ________________.
      • Yesterday, I _______________.


  • Example:
    • working: base word = work__
    • Let us __work .
    • Yesterday, I worked .
      • Work could be a verb.


  • Remember: how a word is used determines if it is a verb.
  1. Kay worked hard in class.
  2. The work we completed included counting equipment and cleaning floors.
  • The first work is a verb: it tells what Kay did ---she worked. It tells her actions.



Stong Verb : a specific action word that creates an image in the readers's mind



  • Examples:
    • __Run__ is an action verb, but these verbs represent strong verbs:
      • sprint, jog, dart, dash, scurry, scamper
        • Yesterday, I sprinted across the parking lot to Mom's Chevy Silverado.
        • Last week I jogged two miles every day.
        • Sam darted between the cars in the crowded parking lot, chased by a poodle!
        • Sally dashed onto the front porch to avoid the suddent downpour.
        • A squirrel scurried across the freshly mowed lawn and scampered up the thick bark of the Ponderosa Pine.



  • __Laugh__ is an action verb, but these verbs demonstrate strong verbs:
    • chuckle, cackle, giggle, guffaw, snicker
      • Willy chuckled when John belly-flopped into the icy water.
      • John cackled hysterically when Willy also slammed into the chilly waves of the lake.
      • When the twins giggled at their little brother's baby-talk, he chattered more.
      • When Sara finished her joke, her friends guffawed for almost ten minutes, waking up Sara's parents.
      • Sally snickered when the stink bug fell off curb and into the street.

Sample Pargraphs



Here's another paragraph from 6W:

Slam Miss

I aim with my hand to slam-dunk the ball. I jump five feet in the air and dunked from half court. I sprinted down the  middle and tripped, jumped up, and sprinted to the hoop to dunk it. When I first dunked, I missed.




Another strong verb paragraph from 5W:



High Hitter

Barry prepares for his turn at bat for the Red Sox. He trudges out of the dugout and waves at the crowd. The crowd cheers. “Yay!” The opposing team boos. “Booo!” He swings his bat in the air as if hitting the ball. He practices three times imagining he hits three home runs. Three players stand on the field at each base. He steps up to the plate and knocks the dust off his shoes with the bat. The pitcher throws a fast ball. Crack! Barry busts the ball and the bat breaks. All players sprinted home with long strides. Barry slides as the umpire yells, “Safe!”  The game is won.




Incorporate strong verbs as much as possible in your writing; elminate dead verbs. Dead verbs include is, am, are, was, were, have, has, had, take, took, run, ran, go, went, give, -ing words, etc.


Assignment: Keep a list of strong verbs in your notebook.



Assignment: Add to this StudentVerbs page to display your original strong verb paragraph. StudentVerbs



Scoring Strong Verb Paragraphs



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