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Six Traits Content Page

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Table of Contents for Six Traits of Writing Folder


Title Description

Six Traits of Writing

Explanation and links about Six Traits of Writing (+1)

Six Trait Rubrics

Six Traits + Rubric

How do you know if you are writing well with the six traits?  Learn to use a rubric -- a scoring guide of what is expected--for each trait
Vibrant Voice What is voice?  Try out this activity
Sentence Fluency How do I style my sentences to flow?  That's sentence fluency -- try it out here.
Ideas How do writer get good ideas?  Learn strategies here.
Word Choice WC: Every word is important: learn about word choice here, and on related pages.
Word Choice Snapshot WC: Practice this activity to learn HOW to add precise, nifty nouns and vivid words, description, and imagery.
Strong Verbs WC: The best word choice in writing sparkles with strong verbs.  Learn about it here.
Figurative Language WC: How do I create a mind movie?  After writing strong verbs, zap your writing with powerful phrases using flowing figurative language.  Learn about it here.
Author Styles Style is the integration of the six traits of writing in your own intersting, flowing choices.  Learn how here. Can you find a writer's style?  Can you pattern your writing after that style?  Give it a try here.
Literary Elements What makes a good story? Investigate the parts of a story.
Idea Inspirations Ideas Table of Contents Page: Introduction to the Trait of Ideas

Ideas Journal     Ideas Journal and Us

Ideas: Draw, Write, Journal -- an idea from an author with connected assigment page

Ideas Collaboration  Ideas Collaboration and Us

Ideas: Work together -- an idea from an author with connected assignment page
Ideas Mind Movies Work   Ideas Mind Movies and Us Ideas: Mind Movies, Drama, Hard Work -- an idea from an author with connected assignment page
Ideas Experience    Ideas Experience and Us

Ideas: Use your own experiences; a sample and a page to add your own short stoy





Six Trait Examples and Definitions


Six Traits of Effective Writing:




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