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Sentence Fluency

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Sentence Fluency Lesson

Sentence Fluency



Sentence Fluency means:


  • Sentences flow easily from one to the other with transitions.
  • Sentences sound natural.
  • Some sentences are long; some are short.
  • Simple and complex sentences provide rhythm.
  • Sentences start in different ways.




Writing Fix: What is Sentence Fluency?  http://www.writingfix.com/6Traits/SentenceFluency.htm

Interactive Information:  http://senior.billings.k12.mt.us/6traits/sentence/index.htm

Explanation and Examples: http://www.ttms.org/writing_quality/sentence_fluency.htm


Flow and Transition example:

The snow drifted down steadily, covering the field like a soft blanket.  However, the sun's afternoon rays melted the snow's surface, and the evening cold froze the once soft field into a cap of crusty, crunchy ice.


Sentence Length example:


Cousins Zeke and Zach bundled up in winter suits and grabbed their sleds from the garage.  Together, they trudged up the hill behind the old barn.  Zeke zoomed down first, rolling off before his sled brushed the side of the barn while Zach zipped off to the right avoiding the barn and Zeke. All afternoon the boys bounded down the hill.


Sentence lengths: 16, 10, 27, 8.


Simple and Complex examples:


Simple sentences:


The snow drifted down steadily. The snow covered the field like a blanket.  The sun melted the surface. The evening chill refroze the snow. The snow became  hard, crusty, and crunchy.



Complex sentences:


As the snow drifted down steadily, it covered the field like a blanket.

After the sun melted the surface of the snow, the evening chill froze the snowpack into a cap of crusty, crunchy ice.


Different Starts examples:


Same starts:


Zeke bundled up in winter clothes.  Zach bundled up in winter clothes. They found their sleds in the garage. They trudged up the hill.  The hill was by the barn. Zeke zoomed down first. He almost hit the barn.  He rolled off his sled.  Zach zipped to the right because he saw Zeke crash. He avoided the barn and Zeke.  They played all day.


Different starts:


After bundling up in winter clothes, Zeke and Zach grabbed their sleds from the garage and trudged up the hill behind the barn.  Zeke zoomed down first, avoiding a wreck into the barn by rolling off his sled.  Because Zach saw Zeke crash, he swerved to the right, just missing Zeke.  They played all day.

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