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Right the World

Page history last edited by Ms. Edwards 12 years, 11 months ago

A Poetic Goal




Could you write the world?  Could you right the world?


Here's what two people write (right) about:



I write the world.


I write about


my freckles

Dad's bad back.

I write about

Grandma dying.


I write to find out

what makes freckles

where the sun goes at night

how birds fly without falling

I write to find out

where Grandma is now.


I write to make change

to stop bullying

to keep cats inside

to clean up the rivers

to ask why--

there was no hospital bed for grandma.


I right the world.


-- Lorraine Wilson[1]


I write the world


I write about


my curly hair

Grandkid's growing up

I write about

Jake's crash.


I write to find out

what makes curly hair

why the weather changes so

how we change energy to save the world

I write about

why Jake still hurts.


I write to make change

to work together, everyone

to respect and encourage individual talents

to progress in a green world

to asky why--

Jake and others can't get medical treatment.


I right the world.


-- Sheri Edwards

Assigmment Prompt


What do these people write about?

What do these people want to right?


Make a list of things you want to write about and things you want to right. 


Use the pattern of the poem to write your own poem about how you will write (right) the world.


Open the page Right the World for Us to complete your ideas.

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  1. Wilson, L. (2006). "Chapter 6: Developing Writers To Write (Right) the World." In Writing to Live: How to Teach Writing for Today's World. Heinemann: Portsmouth. p. 102

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