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re vision


see again




What is revision?


Revision means to look at your writing again --- look at it with fresh eyes to see if you words interesting, clear, precise, focused, and consise.

Are your words:

  • specific and detailed, not general and ordinary
  • images for the reader
  • active
  • ordered and organized
  • fluent -- the words and ideas flow easily from one idea to the next
  • clear
  • focused
  • concise; not too wordy


How do I revise?


Use the muscles in your ARMS:


Add-What else do I need to include? Can I add a more descriptive verb? Can I add a simile? alliteration? consonance? imagery?


Remove-Can I leave out any unnecessary words like of and the? Is there a line that doesn't fit? Can I use fewer, more concise words?


Move-Is the information in the most logical place? Do I need to change my line breaks? Are me sentences and paragraphs flowing easily from one idea to the next? Do I need transitions?


Substitute-What words could be replaced with clearer, stronger words? Nifty nouns and Vivid Verbs: ACTION and ACTIVE


Writers are masters of word power with ARMS using figurative language.  Review our strategies:


Poetry Techniques

Figurative Language


What are the strategies?


ARMS Examples:


Add: Click here:  Revision Add 1  Revision Add 2  Revision Add 3

Remove: Click here.  Revision Remove

Move: Click here. Revision Move   Connections Example

Substitute: Click here. Revision Substitute


Revision Tips 1


For quick revision, use the Names, Action, and Senses (imagery).  Click here for directions.


Revision Tips 2


For more thorough revision, use Names, Action, Imagery, showing, cut clutter, figurative language, etc.  For directions, click here.


Figurative Language


Click here:

Poetry Techniques

Figurative Language


For lessons and quizes on figurative language, click Mrs. Dowling's links here.


Sample Revision


To view a step by step revision of a short essay, click here.



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