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Responsible Use

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After reading and discussion Wiki Etiquette For Students and Etiquette Reflection
students reflect on what Internet Responsiblility and Safety means.
We hope our reflections will help other students in our own 
and other schools learn how to have a safe, productive Internet experience.
These are our reflections.

Think About It Reflection Responses

Summary Statements


you should always write things that youare proud of saying because things that are there today might be there in twenty years .  




About safety:

Take the Internet Awesome course-- an engaging way to learn how to be safe on the Internet.

Never post your personal information or information about someone else.



1. Why is personal safety important on the Internet?


 It is important because if you give your personal information  out then it can be seen anytime. So what ever you say is probably  going to be on the internet forever. You dont tell anyone where you live, your real name , NOTHING.


so that you dont get hurt in any way, or get into trouble with this person.


 So no one can git your information about you or your freind.



It is important because you dont wont the personto cone after you.


So nobody knows where you live


so you wont get kidnapped or have a bigger person after you that is acting to be a younger  person .


About communication:

Be nice. The most important thing to remember is sarcasm hurts. It is most often misunderstood when typed in a message which is then posted on the Internet. You may think you're funny when you write something rude or silly, but it can be extremely hurtful to read. Negative words hurt worse when said by someone you thought was your friend. So, be overly friendly and be positive. Remember ... treat others as you would like to be treated.

Some folks are not terribly good at thinking and writing at the same time, and what they say ends up sounding not so good. If you think they were deliberately nasty or highly critical, don't agonize over it or respond in kind. The best way to change what people do is to reward good behavior and to ignore bad behavior. Be sure to report any thing that makes you uncomfortable or that feels hurtful to an adult.



2. How is communication on the Internet different than when face-to-face?


Communication on the internet is different then face to face because you are not talking in person your actually talking in words. People that you think you are talking to could be someone else. What you say on the internet stays on the internet and people can see what you say if they wanted to.



   It is different talking to someone on the internet then face to face because on the internet you dont always now if some ones lying and using a fake name or not.


Because you might say something that might affend the other person.


It is drfferent because they might say they are some one but be some one else.


Cause you don't no what they look like


On the internet they cant make you do any thing with them but face-to-face they can make you ido stuff with them.


3. How can we make certain what we say is read as what we meant?


We can make it certain by making it internet appropriate and by telling it like it is



Dont say any rude commets at all.


To reread your work be for you save it to make sure it is what you want to say.


We should read it over and make it sound like wut we wont to say.



4. How can we be sure we are helpful, not hurtful?


We can make sure that we are helpful by being nice as you can be and be overly friendly. Also by not saying ANY  hurtful things and NO sarcasm even you are try to be nice or funny because other people could think that it is hurtful.



    if we write somthing read it over to make sure u said the right thing.

To not say any hurtful things just nice things.

We can read it over and write it over again.


Dont say things that are going to hurt peoples feelings.



5. What do we do if something feels uncomfortable or hurtful?


We tell an adult and ignore bad behavior


Then tell them in a polite way.


we tell a adult or parent.


You go and tell a parent or a teacher or someone older.



About information:

Be truthful.  Check validity and accuracy.

Not sure about sources of information? Review how to evaluate web resources from Kathleen Morris: A Guide for Teachers and Students



6. If we want our site to be a thoughtful, learning area, what is important about the information we use and create?


 It is inpartant that we are not rude, hurtful,or mean ,and no sarcasm try to be overly friendly! Tell the truth


  We make sure that we stay on task and write only what is helpful and apropriate.


That we ask the person that were talking about if we can write about them and not write any personal



it has to have nice things wrote on it  and we all have to write nice comments not comments that hurt


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Student response from 2009. How would  they change today?


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