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Polar Problem Gists

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Gist Statements


Gist Statements Combined Gist Statement
Melting of at least half of the Arctic, the polar bear and seal might go extinct. In a seperate statement released with the assessment the Arctic indigenous to be eight countries.

 Arctic indigenous animals and people suffer from global warming caused temperature increase of 4-13° over 100 years causing the destruction of habitat including melting glaciers and permafrost. Fossil fuels burned as gas or oil in cars creates the greenhouse effect. The effect may melt the Arctic ice in 25 years. About 20,000 Europeans died from extreme heat. Coastal waters may flood coasts and scientists search for solutions.


Sixth Draft:

Over a century of Greenhouse Effect's global warming temperature increase from burning fossil fuels destroys Arctic indigenous animals', people's glaciers, ice, permafrost. Soils hold much more carbon. Coasts flood. Exteme heat killed Europeans. Scientists search solutions.  


Can scientists solve Greenhouse Effect's global warming temperature increase from fossil fuels and melting carbon-filled soils destroys Arctic indigenous animals', people's glaciers, ice, permafrost? Coasts flood. Exteme heat killed Europeans. 33


The world may have a climate change. We've predicted how soon and why. Greenhouse gases make it hotter. Over 20,000 Europeans died in 2003 in the summer because of heat.
The Arctic is melting so fast that temperatures will rise and so will the water. This could be devastating to our world in about fifty years.
Global warming is affecting the Arctic because the ice is melting and people live on the ice. A scientist believes in 25 yesrs the Arctic will be gone.
The temperature has gone up. The Arctic regions are feeling more heat. Temperatures increased 4° to 7° in fifty years. Montana's glaciers were found in 1910 to hold 150 glaciers and now only 30 of them.
The green house effect caused global warming and now there is a big disaster. Mountans, permafrost, glaciers, animals are disappearing. The Arctic temperatures rose from 4-13° over past 50-100 years.
Scientists have determined that global warming is starting because lately there has been massive melt down all over the world. Down in Florida their coast is almost all covered with water. Scientists are trying to find solutions.
The Arctic is suffereing the most by global warming becausein the future the Arctic will have a massive meltdown because of the geenhouse effect.
Over one century earth has warmed over 1° from fossil fuel birning cars; soil holds five times more carbon than the atmosphere.


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