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Polar Learning Reflections

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Polar Problems

Learning Reflections


Presentation Research

Project: We have been asked to create a presentation as part of International Polar Year. We must prepare a brief (approximately 5 minute) presentation to persuade the countries of the United Nations of the interconnectedness of changes in the polar environments, their respective community, and the global community.


Learning Goals

Use the writing process to gather ideas, draft information, revise for clarity, edit for readability, and publish for persuasion.


Understand how life adapts to live in the Arctic. Understand what affects life in the Arctic.  Anaylze the connection of those effects on the Arctic, our community, and in the world.


Reflection 1

Gathering Ideas: Research Strategies Review

Prewriting Strategies to create researched presentation: research, paraphrasing, key words, spelling, citing sources, draft, summaries, gist


Look at your notes and label them to show you can:

___ Paraphrase notes using main ideas and facts section by section.

___ Add your connections (opinions, experiences, knowledge, feelings).

___ Use your own words (paraphrase)

___ Identify key words.

___ Check spelling.

___ Write your source.


Identify in your entry tasks where you can:

___ Begin a draft

___ Paraphrase (use your own words)

___ Identify key words (labels, highlighting)

___ Use correct spelling

___ Identify your source

___ Write a summary (briefly explain main ideas in your own words)

___ Write a twenty-word gist statement that includes all the main ideas in your research

___ Identify addition questions and needed facts


How will these research and writing process strategies help you create your persuasive presentation? (Answer on

another paper.)


Reflection 2

Gathering Ideas:  Reflection


Entry: Add to or redo your illustration from Monday. Label with adaptations. Write a gist statement. Write your source. Use your notes.



1. Research: How did you take notes?

2. Research: How do you remember where your source is?

3. Research: Why are Key Words important?

4. Research: Why is spelling important while note-taking?

5. Research: Why is a gist statement important?



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