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Persuasive Strategies






Persuasive Strategies

Sometimes you express your opinion to persuade someone to your idea. The Persuasive BEARS will give you the writing tools to persuade:


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Show that many people agree so the reader will want to also.


Everyone is doing it.  Everyone agrees.  All my friends....  All doctors...


Basic Needs


Love, Health, Emotions, Convenience, etc.




Think of how that will help me _______?


Imagine how safe we will be if ________.






What expert agrees with you?  Write a quote from that person. The person could be famous or and expert.

Example: Dr. I. C Cavity states that "Chewing gum cleans your teeth."


Emotive words

Choose words that call to feelings, especially to basic needs (health, safety, love).

Example: Allowing students to have cell phones will keep all children safe.





Tell a brief experience that explains your idea or opinion.

Example: Once I fell while skateboarding and was able to call my dad for help with my cell phone.



Rhetorical Question:


Ask a question for an effect, not for an answer.

Example: Wouldn't you want your children safe?


Rule of Three:


Give three examples or ideas


Example: I called my dad who called the ambulance, drove to find me, and rode with me in the ambulance.





Provide numerical facts to prove your point.

Nine out of ten dentists agree that chewing sugarfree gum prevents cavities.

Over 73% of students own cell phones.



Strong Verbs:


Write strong verbs.


Example: Whenever you write, zap your reader with strong verbs. If you include vivid verbs, your reader will imagine the images you describe for them.




Persasuve Strategies Prewriting




Create your own organizer like the one below. You may right click the image below to copy and print.



Persuasive Examples


Sample Persuasion

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