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Page history last edited by Ms. Edwards 15 years, 3 months ago

PDS Friends -- A Daily Notice

W5 PDS NSD Living History


Welcome Presbyterian Day School Friends!



Back from spring break.


New wiki: http://eagleswrite.pbwiki.com

Testing Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays for two weeks.





We love learning about your motto.  Here is what we have learned from you!  W5 Commonalities





A list of our comments.  I see you have begun commenting back.  Denwha and Sanric sat, arms around each other, beaming with delight because you commented on their comment!  Whoa!  They didn't expect a story and a comment from you!  We're trying to read every story on mapskip, and then your essays.  In addition, we want to start sharing some of our favorite places.  I hope you are patient with us; we only meet and have access to the work during writing class for fifty minutes each day.


Thanks again for all your work.



[Team Name (why the name): member names]


Canyon: (our canyons carved by glaciers and floods): Lamjo and Sweley

Coulee (our "Grand Coulee" carved floods): Landa and Enmo

Riverfalls (Nespelem Falls: Lenaria and Elbe

Trader (Trading Post Grocery Story): Rellder and Rojo

Vquest (Video Quest Movie Rental): Denwha and Sanric

Marker (Chief Joseph's Grave Highway Marker): Jamon and Fred






A wonderful journey occured as we joined with our friends at PDS to share our traditional dances. I'll be making a dvd for you and for us to remember the event. We thank you for your questions, and look to the wiki for more. My fifth graders, who watched off to the side while the dancers performed their exhibition, enjoyed seeing your faces and watching you dance to the beat in the last round dance.  Thanks for joining us, and we look forward to another session.


Welcome PDS


Seconds After The Call




NSD students: Check out the places to go in Memphis, as written and recored by our PDS friends:


Click Mapskip.


The dancers will perform on Thursday, March 5th and we will introduce ourselves.



Is your places story ready?



2/17/09 Teacher Training Day


Hello! Friends,


We will be back at school tomorrow working on our "Places" essays. 

I also found some historical links and bookmarked them here:


Mrs. Trefz will need to sign in to some of the sites, the ones at the Discovery Channel United Streaming.  I hope you enjoy them.  I chose ones with information and people related to our students. 


I also tried to show them here.  In the Flickerama link, type "Nespelem" and you will see pictures from Nespelem - the town and the cemetaries, including Chief Joseph's grave.  You will see gifts left for him in his spirit journey. Some people leave things for memory and some for honor.



2/16/09 President's Day



Wonderful connections:


Look at PDS blog for assignment:






Out of the several listed "hot spots" of Memphis, which three would you recommend to Nespelem school? Give specific reasons to support your location of choice that is flagged on Google Map


Out of the several "hot spots" we have discussed around Nespelem, which three would you recommend to PDS school? Give specific reasons to support your location of choice to flag on Google Map.


Memphis History







2/11/09 2/12/09


Read Blogs in folders.



Here's a voice thread to add information to share  while colloborating on our project. 





Here's a google map for our classes. We Eagles are trying to at least write poems for our contest.  We lost two days due to the heater and snow!


Ms. Trefz has an invitation to collaborate on this map  :)   She can invite you, too! 


It's 6:50 am in Nespelem and 8:50 am in Memphis. I won't see my fifth graders until 12:50 pm, that's 2:50 pm Memphis time. 


View Larger Map




Here's what's happening today:

Yesterday, we dismissed school at 12:15 because we cound not fix the heater. An expert from Spokane (2 hours away) needed to come to do the repair.


Last night we had about six inches of new snow, so we started two hours late.  However, the snowplows did not get out or sand, so we then canceled school for the day. That means we will not finish our contest entries.  We have always achieved first, second, and third places in poetry.  Even though our students do not speak their native languages, many of their parents and grandparents did hear the native language from elders. Those elders, parents, and grandparents would speak English in the grammar of their native language. Those languages often used imgery and phrases of description for names, events, or places. Depending on what tribe or band a person belonged to, "nespelem" would mean "beautiful valley between the hills" or "large meadow beside a stream." The people thought and spoke in images. Therefore, poetry is a natural gift for some of my students. It's how they think.



Here's what's happening today:


In grade eight, the students are tested by NEAP. We moved them to the Opportunity Room because the heat works there.  Today, the heater stopped working and the temperature is 26° !  We wear our coats in class and have portable heaters; they are supposed to be fixed soon.


Yesterday, our Internet quit and we have a contest to enter!  We typed in Text-Edit to cut and paste today if the Interent works.  The Educational Service District (two hours away!) provides our technology help, so they arrived at noon. The knowledgable technician worked all afternoon, and left with us up and running, except for our writing classroom!  OH NO! He's arriving this morning some time to see what's up.  Glad we don't have a skype call today!


We can't wait to write with you.  It looks like you know have learned things we don't know yet, so we are glad you are working with us. Hopefully, we have things to share with you, too.





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kim Pruitt said

at 9:09 am on Feb 6, 2009

I tried to figure out how to rename the title of this page and change "PSD" to "PDS." The boys have been on this wiki site checking out all of the great things that are going on in your class!

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