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Remember not to use personal information in your response.


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  What's in the news?  How does it relate/connect to your world?

A Daily Writing Prompt Choice




1. Choose a news item from the google news gadget on the wiki page.


2. Read it with a focus on what you already know, and of a connection to your world (your own, your family, your community).


3. Add a comment about your connection and a question for others on this  "News and You" page.



Your writing should be clear, concise, correct.

Your comment should connect some fact to your world.

Your question should ask others to think about the idea or the connection.


Any response to the news and to others' questions will be clear, concise, correct, and follow our rules of wiki etiquette.



Remember not to use personal information in your response.


The News and You gadget:


Use the comment boxes below.  Write your team name and code names, if answering a team, or just your code name if writing as an individual.


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Ms. Edwards said

at 12:13 pm on Aug 19, 2008

Shee says:

I read about Tropical Storm Fay in Floriday. http://ap.google.com/article/ALeqM5gW7Ur7I6YEcSo4_KU3maMkK9JQ1wD92LGVPG0
It reminded me of the tornado we had here. People said it wasn't a tornado, but you can still see the torn off trees on the highway by our town store. Remember how the powwow tent tore apart? Maybe it wasn't a tornado, just like Fay wasn't a hurricane, but it still caused damage and fear. And we still talk about it.

Does your family remember it?

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