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MOTT, ND: My Own Topic Time, Notedly Displayed


MOTT Directions in Brief



A Checklist for Class and Home Work

MOTT Example 

1. Read

My topic:        

My Purpose:                                           

My audience:



2. Respond: respond daily with—

Today I learned that (facts/summary/theme)…

A connection to me is…

This helps me understand that..

With this information I can



3. Reflect: After reading, interpret your text by responding to—

What did I learn? (words/graphics)

How does this relate to/ connect with me?

How does this help me understand the world?

What will I do with this information?



4. Write a one page paper (at least five hundred (500) words) explaining your interpretation of the text)--


  • A clear thesis that states your interpretation of the text in your opening paragraph (answers to Step 3, which your notes should already contain)
  • Paragraphs that explain your thesis – each with a main idea that relates to and builds on your thesis
    •  Includes examples and details from the text you read which provide support to the ideas and connections you made as you read the text (your responses in Step 2)
    • Organizes information to maintain the focus and development of supporting details for each paragraph
  • A title that helps clarify or even extend the idea/theme/thesis of your paper; it should not be anything like “The Weekly Writing Paper” or “MOTT” or the title of your text.



5. Revise and proofread your paper.



6. Your paper format should include:

Header (name, date due, date submitted, assignment title)

Title (centered, capitalized)

Paper Body (Step 4)

Bibliographic Citation (see your Write Source 2000 or Ginn English or link to http://citationmachine.net/  for APA format.




o Read and interpret a variety of types of text on a topic of interest to you for your purpose and audience

o Improve your familiarity with how to use resources (texts (fiction and nonfiction), web, thesaurus, dictionary, English resources, etc.)

o Reinforce and extend your knowledge of how to write paragraphs for an audience and purpose that are focused, organized, and developed using examples and details

o Write about a subject of interest to you and your audience that demonstrates your ability to read a variety of texts with insight to make connections to your ideas and your world

o Write with an emphasis on theme, clarity, and correctness



Printable Version


My Open Spaces


Choose a topic and reading materials of personal interest to you in order to create a project for yourself, and, hopefully, others.


1 Peruse information.

  • Read about your topic during MOTT. (at least 60 min. each week)

  • Stay awake.

  • Put homework away.

  • Focus on reading only.

  • Share after reading time.

  • Complete other activities later.


2 Process information.


  • Represent your learning and thoughts in your notebook.


  • __Free response suggestions__


  • Statements: I learned, I wonder, I agree, I disagree, This is like, etc.


  • Representations: pictures, pictographs, webs, lists, relationships, graphic organizers, etc.


  • __Structured Response suggestions__


  • Reflection questions: How would you use this information?

  • How important is the information to you? Why?

  • What do you find most interesting about the information? Why? *** What are some questions you have about what you have read?

  • How is what you read different from what you thought you know?


3 Produce information.


  • Actions: Construct a graphic organizer representing something you found interesting.

    • Construct a picture of something you just read about.

    • Construct a pictograph of something important to your topic.


  • Interact with others to share your information.

  • Share information: Display a summary or clarification of your MOTT interests.

    • Poster, brochure, flowchart, graphic organizer, skit, handout, Powerpoint, oral report, web page, etc.


Enjoy this time to persue topics of interest to you.


Ms. Edwards


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Things to Help Organization

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