MOTT Directions in Brief



A Checklist for Class and Home Work

MOTT Example


1. Read

My topic:        

My Purpose:                                           

My audience:


2. Respond: respond daily with—

Today I learned that (facts/summary/theme)…

A connection to me is…

This helps me understand that..

With this information I can


3. Reflect: After reading, interpret your text by responding to—

What did I learn? (words/graphics)

How does this relate to/ connect with me?

How does this help me understand the world?

What will I do with this information?


4. Write a one page paper (at least five hundred (500) words) explaining your interpretation of the text)--



5. Revise and proofread your paper.


6. Your paper format should include:

Header (name, date due, date submitted, assignment title)

Title (centered, capitalized)

Paper Body (Step 4)

Bibliographic Citation (see your Write Source 2000 or Ginn English or link to  for APA format.




o Read and interpret a variety of types of text on a topic of interest to you for your purpose and audience

o Improve your familiarity with how to use resources (texts (fiction and nonfiction), web, thesaurus, dictionary, English resources, etc.)

o Reinforce and extend your knowledge of how to write paragraphs for an audience and purpose that are focused, organized, and developed using examples and details

o Write about a subject of interest to you and your audience that demonstrates your ability to read a variety of texts with insight to make connections to your ideas and your world

o Write with an emphasis on theme, clarity, and correctness


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