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Journal Sample Page

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Journals, Diaries, Logs, Reflections


The Assignment:


You may be asked to keep a log, diary, or journal.  Read the assignment for the exact requirements.


The Entry:


Most entries always include:

  • Heading
    • Name
    • Class
    • Date
    • Topic
  • Content
    • Source
    • Quote
    • Reflection/Evidence
      • Learning: I learned that...
      • Connection: This reminds me of...... because...
      • Opinion: I think....because...
      • Question: I still wonder... because...
    • Check assignment for other requirements



Assignment from: Election Project  Which candidates platform supports my choice?


This is what I need to include:

  • Heading
    • Name Shee
    • Class W8
    • Date 10/15
    • Topic Energy
  • Content
    • Source 1: McCain: http://www.johnmccain.com/Informing/Issues/17671aa4-2fe8-4008-859f-0ef1468e96f4.htm
    •  I learned that McCain wants to lift restrictions on drilling for oil and gas on the continental self of our coasts. He will give a $5000 tax credit if I buy a zero-emission car. He will encourage the development of more fuel-efficient cars. He wants alternative energy, including 45 new nuclear power plants.
    • I like the tax credit, encouraging fuel-efficient cars and alternative energy.
    • I do not like nuclear energy.
    • Source 2: Obama: http://my.barackobama.com/page/content/newenergy
    • I learned that Obama will implement a $7,000 tax credit for buying an advanced car. He will encourage current oil/gas production on land (Alaska, Bakkan Formation, Barnett Shale formation), develop clean coal technology and green jobs. Invest in the private efforts to develop clearn energy.
    • I like the tax credit, investing in clean energy and green jobs.
    • I need more information on the types of energy (probably in videos I haven't watched yet).

Your Turn


Use the following template to write your own entry. Check your assignment for further requirements.


  • Heading
    • Name
    • Class
    • Date
    • Topic
  • Content
    • Source


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