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Ideas Mind Movies and Us

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Ideas Mind Movies and Us


How do mind movies help us write?


Editor: Michael Thorn of Achuka interviewed Terry Deary, author of thoughtful, but humorously "Horrible Histories".[1]  Terry explained how drama helped him see the mind movies of his books:


"My life in drama and in writing can't be separated. As an actor I took the company plays and re-wrote/improved them. Then I began writing original plays for touring. Finally I turned my plays into novels for children. I still "see" chapters in my books as "scenes"; it is second-nature for me to move the plot along and show character by writing dialogue. I am so very lucky to have been an actor. Without it I'd never have become a writer."


Assignment 1

Questions to answer in the table based on Terry's quote above:


1. What are the two elements of literature that mind movies helped him create?

2. How has the strategy of drama or mind movies helped you?


Add your answers to the table:

Who Codes

1. Two Elements helped by mind movies, according to Terry Deary:

2. How mind movies helped you




















































Assignment 2

Now let's combine three author strategies: collaboration, mind movies, and drawing.


Choose a topic from the list below, or choose an incident from your own experience.  With a partner, work together to develop the mind move by discussion the steps and characters in the event.  Then draw, label, and write journal entries for the mind movie "scenes" you imagined.  Note: stick figures are fine :)  Describe on the this page how these strategies helped you write more powerfully.




The Deer Hunt: Sighting and Shooting the Buck

The Horse Race: The Last Stretch to Win (or Just About)

That One Fish: Reeling It In


The Last Dance: Talking Myself into Asking

The Roller Coaster: The Worst Part--Survived!

Choices: Deciding Not to Go


Who Codes

Your Mind Movie

Sample Powerful Writing from Mind Movie







































Thanks again for your hard work at writing!


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  1. http://www.achuka.co.uk/archive/interviews/tdint.php

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