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 Welcome to "Writers at Work"


Where we always ask -- "What else?"  




What We Publish


A place to publish powerful writing!  At this site we will publish our wonderful words.  We will share phrases, paragraphs, essays, poems, reports, etc. with the goal of acknowledging the style within that makes the piece a picture in the reader's mind.  By discovering and recognizing the styles we do well, we can move on to more powerful writing in our new pieces.


Writing is never done; each word chosen provides the reader with an exact or engaging image -- and that requires patience in finding just the right words.  I rewrote that sentence four times already! A first draft finds our thoughts and stirs our imagination, but it's often not clear, detailed, or organized.  A writer looks at each section, and asks, "What else?"  So our new site is dedicated to the wonderful words we will write this year, as we ask each other, What else?

Example:  Our voices of service to President Obama 

What We Read


Take your time to browse the "excerpt links" to find a genre or style of interest to you on suggested lessons or the work of other students. Excerpt Links.  Read a text and comment on the words that wander in your mind and make movies you see and understand.  Let the author know what you liked by writing a comment. That's all: we're about recognition and encouragement.


What We Write


After finding a fantastic style or genre, put your pen to your paper and create your own writing using the style or genre of the author or lesson you read.  Then publish your piece on your own page for someone else to acknowledge. Let the author know you tried their technique with a comment on their page. Take a chance: writing well takes practice, just like a two-point lay-up takes practice for your basketball team.


Before You Start


Of course, we have our rules.  Please be certain you have read and agreed to our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and our Online Etiquette For Students.  You also need on file your technology slip from registration.  Ask me; I'll let you know what you need to join the writing.


A Note To Parents


Why wiki?  Click here for an explanation. Please read the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for information on your child's responsibilities and safety.  Please report any concerns you may have. The site is password protected so only approved users can participate.  Student names are coded.  Please email me if you would like to be a Reader or Writer on our wiki. Please review the "A Note To Students" section below, which explains the pages, policies, and procedures your students will learn to understand and apply.  We welcome and invite your support and input!   ms_edwards@mac.com


Note: Please read over with your student(s) this Acceptable Use Policy, the Etiquette Expections, and Overall Expectations.  Students will sign and return their AUP page and then add a √ to the I Agree page, indicating they have read and agree to the policies and procedures of Internet useage. Over the past three years, students in writing class have been excellent and postive participants, so emphasizing and practicing has benefitted us all.


Again, for information of Wiki's: Read Me  and Learning With Wikis

A Note To Students


Welcome to our  Communication Cloud[1], our Writing World[2], and our Internet Intergraph[3].


This is an opportunity to participate in a world community of learners to learn not only writing skills but also the citizenship skills of the 21st Century.  This project allows you to create the world you want to live in by participating in ways that you would like others to participate with you. Our class educational network provides us this opportunity to practice and plan for when you may enter this online world.


What does that world look like to you?  Are you willing to accept the responsibility?

Ready to participate?


Read Me

Read and agree to: Acceptable Use Policy

Review the expectations and policy: contract



What else? Additional Information

Join us as we wander and wonder, write and revise, suggest and celebrate -- all as a community of writers.


From Washington State Goal for Writing


"Writing for Today and Tomorrow - Writing is essential to a literate society. Writing can be an act of discovery, of communication, of joy. It connects us to work, to culture, to society, to existing knowledge, and to the meanings of our lives."


Let's make those connections here as we write together.





I designed this site as a resource for myself, my students and their families as well as for other students or teachers. Our class educational network provides us the opportunity to practice and plan for entering the online world as 21st Century citizens. The information here has been created by myself, other educators, and others, with credit provided as needed. Since there are some general guidelines (see above) for being able to add to student sites, we know that following the guidelines will enhance our learning process. Remember to contact any technology specialist to help you with any problems or concerns regarding your computer as I have no control over settings or other changes if you download to your computer.


Additional Information: If any inappropriate content is found on this site, it will be removed. Please notify me of any such content. 


Users not following the guidelines will lose participation privileges.


Please contact me with any questions.


Thank you


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Live to make the world less difficult for each other.  ~ George Eliot


Who's Visiting Us?




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About This Site Links

 What is a Wiki?  Learning With Wikis  Welcome to Writing Class



"Man is never truly himself except when he is actively creating something.” ~ Dorothy Sayers, mystery author


Education Blog




  1. Communication Cloud: Somewhere in the world internet information is stored and available and viewable in a world-wide connection of participants willing to work together interactively to discuss, debate, deliberate, decide on issues that matters to each participant, thus giving voice to the world. What is said, editted, revised, and published -- all is there for the future to see and learn. What footprint, what message, what intergraph do you want to leave for the future?
  2. Writing World: our writing class has the opportunity to participate in the 'cloud'; through our 'Writers at Work'; sites, including this one. We have the chance to learn and share interactively to develop our skills as writers and our voice as world citizens. What voice do you want the future to hear from you?
  3. Internet Intergraph: The thing about the Internet is that although it seems invisible, a fleeting cloud visible when clicked, the words are still there, and may be accessible forever. Our internet words today are like the pictographs of ancient peoples: they left messages for others. Today, we work together to create communication, to connect colleagues, to make messages together for each other and the future. It's -inter, meaning reciprocal and mutual -- done together, and it's a -graph-- something written in a certain way. We are leaving intergraphs for the future. What message would you leave for the future?

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