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For The People

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We the people can


And we do.  We the people elect a new president every four years in November.  In January of the next year, the new president is "inaugurated."


Inaugurate means to "admit to public office," to say you now are in the public job. Below you will find:


  • A Voice Thread to add what YOU can do to help change America by helping your neighborhood
  • Things to Do
  • Links to the Constitution
  • Take a survey



Video: Take the Oath




Choose what you want to do to join in the celebration and learn something to tell your children when you grow up. And choose to decide what YOU can do to help our neighborhoods and our country.






We the people can:


The Constitution was created by and for us -- We the people. Our new President Barack Obama said that he is asking us to believe not just in his ability to make change in America, but he's asking us to believe in our own ability to make a change.


And because "we the people" are truly who will make the change, President Obama says we the people "have a responsibility to help our communities and fellow citizens." He asks for "our new spirit of service" and a "commitment to our neighborhoods." What change will you make to help President Obama lead our nation together, forward into the future?  Start your change statement with, "President Obama, I can..." and add it to the voicethread below.


My statement is: "President Obama, I can join the local community group that helps neighbors find resources they need, like a tutor or a ride to the doctor."  What can you do?


Add your voice, video, or text.  You will probably want to write it down first.  Also, wait to the count of three after you finish before stopping your recording. Otherwise, your last word will cut off.




Watch with the world


Want to watch the inauguration?


Here are some places to watch: 


Adapted from Jerry Swiatek


  • Hulu will be broadcasting the ceremony live
  • Hulu has a great collection on Inauguration speeches dating back 50 years to Dwight D. Eisenhower


From the New York Times:


"David Bohrman, the Washington bureau chief for CNN, said the network’s coverage would be longer and more exhaustive than in previous years. “People around the world are going to watch this event,” he said.


As in previous years, the coverage on ABC, CBS, NBC and the cable news networks will run from 10 a.m. until the early evening. The day will be bookended with special editions of morning shows and special reports in prime time. Fox will offer a feed of the Fox News Channel to its affiliates.


Networks also see entertainment value in the inauguration week. HBO will be the exclusive broadcaster of an “opening celebration” on Sunday, Jan. 18, the inaugural committee said on Tuesday."


Things to Do


What's happening? 1 -- The DC site


"discover what life will be like in Washington, D.C. during Inauguration Day (and probably the entire week). Don't miss the link to the Fun Facts!"



  • write a mock ad to rent out their apartment for the inauguration
  • plan a mock trip to the inauguration (including plans for what they will do while DC).
  • describe the events of the day (after the fact) in a letter to their future grandchildren. 


What's happening? 2-- The Senate Site




Divide into nine groups and each group learns about one of the "events" of the day. Have the groups share their "event" in some way: speech, poster, artwork, writing, wiki, powerpoint, blog.


What's happening? 3 --- The PIC Official Site



What do you see and read that is happening right now?

What would you do if you were there?

If you met with President Obama or Vice President Biden, what would you say and ask?



History of the Inaugural Parade


This and other links under history show you about historical inaugurations.  Make Venn Diagram to compare Obama's inauguration to that of another inauguration.


Memories of Inaugurations


Find a link of interest to you.

Why did you choose it?

What facts did you learn that were intersting to you?

What did the information remind you of?

If you were President then, what would you have said about your fact?


The Train

Click the link above to discover the history of the train President-elect Obama took to Washingtion, D C this weekend.


What other trains has Obama ridden and why?

If this were 60 years ago, what would have happened if Obama wanted to ride this train?





What gowns have been worn at the inaugural ball?  What is a "ball"? The video links no longer work but the pictures are great.   Draw a gown you would wear based on one of the pictures.  Change it a little and make it yours.  Tell about your picture.


Speak Out at PBS KIDS


Read and vote on the issues.  Look and listen to what other kids say.



Wordle Your Favorite Presidential Quote



Paste in a passage or URL for a political speech to visualize the politician’s “message.”  Here is a link to some quotes by presidents. Click here.


I chose this quote by Thomas Jefferson: "All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent."  Here's my wordle:


Wordle: Silence is Tyranny


Or how about:  The Constitution is the guide which I never will abandon. George Washington


Wordle: Constitution: The Guide; Never Abandon







Wordle: The Preamble to the US Constitution 


To Constitution Sites:

The White House Site



Download and print a Preamble Word Search



The Constitution for Kids Site



LIberty Kids Site



Cornell University Constitution Site



Wordle: Preamble





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