Family Election Homework

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Welcome Family! 


What an exciting opportunity this election provides for families to talk with students about the issues to help them understand the democratic process - and maybe encourage them to enter the process in their own community as adults!  


Ask your student to sign in with his/her code name and password.  Then edit his/her "Election" page with your student.  Click his/her page below to edit it. We will learn from your ideas.


Please work with your child at forming ideas and discussions about the following topics. Some of you may have expertise and information that others may need to know. Please offer your ideas.  The students have time to write and discuss issues and solutions.


Students will be able to vote in the National Mock Election on October 29th. Let's help them become informed on the issues.  Your input will guide them as they research the candidates and issues.  Thanks for your guidance and support.


Course Code Name 

W8 Motag Homework E

W8 Laira Homework E

W8 Derzak Homework E

W8 Aria Homework E

W8 Ryjo Homework E

W8 Arian Homework E

W8 East Homework E

W8 Icky Homework E

W8 Berto Homework E

W8 West Homework E

W8 Anne Homework E


W7 rega Homework E

W7 ryga Homework E


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