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Change Today

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Making Changes

Changers We Are


Think about it: How could you *be* that change?  What one thing could you do today? Write it down as a GPAR*.


Goal: So the world could be more _____________________________, I will __________________________ today.





Explanation of GPAR:


Goal: What do you hope to accomplish, specifically by when?

Plan: Why and How will you do it?

Act: Describe what you did. 

Reflect: Did you meet your goal? Did you need to revise your plan? What did you learn? How do you feel? How did it help others? What do you need to do next?


Goal: Specific (5WsH), Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely



My Granddaughter's GPAR example:


Goal: So the world could be more kind, I will be kind and clean my Grandma's pantry by Friday.


Plan: I could go out with my friends, but I know we kids have messed up Grandma's pantry.  I will take everything out, clean the shelves, and organize everything when I put it all back.


Act: It took me a day and a half; much longer than I thought.


Reflect: I feel better, and we (Grandma helped) have a great story to tell about the day. Actually, the visiting was the most most important part.


Put your GPAR on your home page. Sign in when you are done.  Ideas started in class:


Code and Class Goal Date Completed Comment
  Be nice to five people  
  Clean my room  
  Clean my room so my dad doesn't have to ask me to  
  Help my grandma cook I made a roast and a cake.


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