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Blog Persuasion

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Weblog: Log about your ideas

Weblog = Blog

What You Can Do


Your ideas, your facts, your responses.


Blog them. Use the wiki as your draft.


Find a current topic and respectfully reflect on the topic with your ideas on the wiki as your draft.


Find news events at: More News and You




Persuasive Techniques

Acknowledge Opposing Arguments


Blog Styles

Steps as Questions for Prewriting


1. What's your opinion? Write your opinion (without because) -- Who, What, When, Where


2. What are your facts?   Research for support. 

3. How can you explain them with persuasive techiniques?



Show that many people agree so the reader will want to also.


Everyone is doing it.  Everyone agrees.  All my friends....  All doctors...




What expert agrees with you?  Write a quote from that person. The person could be famous or and expert.

Dr. I. C Cavity states that "Chewing gum cleans your teeth."


Emotive words

Choose words that call to feelings, especially to basic needs (health, safety, love).

Allowing students to have cell phones will keep all children safe.



Anecdote: Tell a brief experience that explains your idea or opinion.

Once I fell while skateboarding and was able to call my dad for help.



Rhetorical Question: Ask a question for an effect, not for an answer.

Wouldn't you want your children safe?



Statistics: provide numerical facts to prove your point.

Nine out of ten dentists agree that chewing sugarfree gum prevents cavities.

Over 73% of students own cell phones.

4. What argument may your oppenent give?  What will be your response. 


Use the acknowledgement strategy.


I understand that you may think ___________________. However, __________________________________.



5. How will you organize for best effect?


a. Causal chain:

If ____________________, then __________________________. Therefore ______________________________.


b. Most important point last (it will be remembered)


c.  Decide on your Introduction, Body, Conclusion.



6. Blog Strategies


Now gather your ideas into a better blog:


Grabber Title

Grabber Question

Quick Thesis

Your Persuasive Draft

Conclusion Question



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