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8w Mott aria13 warriors

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Warriors book3



I learned that if you stick together if in a group, work hard, and stay focoused you will succeed, grow stronger, and be smarter. I also learned that its better to make friends and not war and that its good to have friends and family and that its good to be a good friend and family member. this relates to me because I am always putting others before me, then I put myself. I also like to help people and make sure they move on, or finished with their problem or what ever their doing before I move on or  think about what I'm gonna be doing.like if I were to be doing work, or wathching TV ,or even reading. I am also a follower but an ok learder when I need, or have to be. like if I had to babysit or if every one left me at home or at the store. love to have my family around, and they love to have me around, too.


This book helps me understand the world better because just like in this book people are fighting and grouping up into gangs of races, and colors, crips, and bloods, just like the clans in these storys, And also just like the clans there are people who are getting separated from their friends and family all the time. people get killed and threatened and are always fighting each other and it some times causes it to hurt a friend or relative in another group and nobody wants to do it but they want to prove loyalty. this also helps me understand the world because it reminds me that not every thing in the world is bad and hurtful and not every body fights out of hate but out of love for things to. Like for example some one who fights for money and their family members who turn them in because they dont want anyone to get hurt.


With this information i will try harder to heip myself as well as other people, and I will try harder to stop wars, violence, and grafitti, in my home and in my niegborhood. I will also try super hard to listen and pay attention by doing what I'm told and getting my work done. what I would also do with this information is try to help and teach people to understand how bad our world is getting, by telling them how much is really going on when they're not looking. and I would also try to encourage people that not every thing that they do is good even if they think it is, by informing them of what they're doing could be hurting family members, or other peoples family members, friends, themselves even.


The subject I learned most about was reading because its fun and educational, and global- I get to travel around the world! :) - The other subject I learned about was writting, i learned that its hard and fun, and its whatever you want it to be like storys, and poems- you can learn from writting and teach with writting- and it can also be false or real or both. like if you want a normal, but poor, family then a magical talking cat comes and grants all their wishes. What I learned about myself was that I dont work as hard as I should, and that I need to stop making war with every thing. I learned that if I can push other people to do the right thing then I should be able to push myself- Whiether on getting up or accually work and get somethings done -


 "I learned that if you stick together if in a group, work hard, and stay focoused you will succeed, grow stronger, and be smarter and you could be just like the people in the storys.





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